The Project

Project Hope House is a special endeavor taken on by Toby R. Keeton, Audrey White, Ken Coffer, and his Save A Generation team. The goal of the project is to develop a basic, single family dwelling built free of cost for families in need.  Furthermore, the home will be constructed of prefabricated components manufactured by native Nicaraguans. The home is to be a flexible, secure, sustainable and hospitable shelter that can be assembled by community members and volunteer crews in no more than three days.  Impoverished Nicaraguans face daily the dangers of hunger, water shortage, exposure, and disease. The Hope House program is envisioned not only to provide the needy and homeless with a home and respite, but also to create the foundation for self-sustaining housing and construction industries which invigorate the local economy while providing a much needed service to the community.  It is hoped that by focusing this effort on a few villages in rural Nicaragua, perhaps one day the strategies developed here can be replicated in similar programs throughout the world.

In order to realize this vision, much works needs to be done.  Research into the local climate, economy, and building conditions needs to be conducted.  Plans need to be designed.  Materials need to be selected and sourced.  A manufacturing center needs to be built and equipped, and a work force needs to be trained.  These realities make it clear that this plan may take years to implement.  However, if action is not taken, many families in Nicaragua will know many more years of suffering in sub-standard living conditions.  In order to begin the process, Toby, Audrey, and the Save A Generation team will embark on a trip to the organization's facility in Somatillo, Nicaragua, in November.  Along with gathering critical information and contacts for Project Hope House, the team will also hand out supplies, administer medical care, and install water storage tanks, of which villagers are in dire need.  In order to finance this first trip alone, Toby and Audrey need to raise approximately $2,000 for air fare & relief supplies.  Please visit the Donate portion of this website to help in this effort. Any amount is greatly appreciated, and is of crucial importance to realizing the goal of Project Hope House.