Saturday, March 12, 2011

Los Campos Center for Sports and Agriculture

Along with developing the Hope House, PHH is working with Save A Generation to design a unique community center in Somotillo, Nicaragua. The "Los Campos Center for Sports & Agriculture" is a project conceiveD for Nike's Gamechanger Sports Microventure Fund Grant Challange. Toby & Audrey have prepared a grant proposal which consists of facility that combines participation in organized sports with agricultural research and education. Agriculture is the life blood of the area, and many families struggle to manage crops both for consumption and revenue. This center would act as a research and training zone where experimental crops selected for their nutritional and economic value could be grown and tested for the area. Community members at the center would be trained on the upkeep, harvest, and sale of these crops. In order to boost participation in the center's activities, a public multi-sport (baseball and soccer) field would also be installed. Connecting the playing and planting fields would be a shelter/ storage structure which would serve as a dual purpose barn and bleacher structure.

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